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Medford girl gets dream horse

by Brittany Earl

ATHENS(WAOW)--A Medford girl gets the gift of a lifetime, a horse gentle enough to ride, even with her rare skin condition.

Every little girl wishes for a pony. For 9-year-old Amanda Szomi, it's a dream come true. "Yes I am like all little girls. I wanted a pony so bad every since I started riding and now it's true," Amanda said.

About a year ago Amanda started riding in the Little Whispers 4-H Club, that's where she met Kristin and fell in love with Prince the horse. "She took a few lessons on Prince and they just clicked," Lanice Szomi, Amanda's mother said. "Kristin Heller said you want to use him, just go ahead."

Amanda was thrilled. "Well he did really great with me and we did just match so well."

Amanda's parents never tried to shelter their daughter, despite her rare condition. "My husband and I have never held her back from trying anything. We always said you know what, you want to try it go ahead. If it causes a lot of injury at least you tried it," said Szomi.

Prince was a good match because he was so gentle on Amanda. "She was born with a genetic skin condition called Epidermolysis which means blistering of the skin. Imagine having second and three degree burns inside and outside your body, 24/7," Szomi explained.

Kristin was never planning to sell him but knew after meeting Amanda that Prince was the horse for her. Selling Prince only to Amanda, surprising her at the Athens fair. "We decided to make the presentation in front of all of Amanda's friends and fellow 4-H members and celebrate who she is and what she's accomplished," Szomi said.

Amanda was ecstatic. "It's like oh my god! Thank you so much I will take good care of him! I think Kristin is the most generous person there is."

Kristin Heller, who sold Prince to Amanda said it made her feel good to know Prince is going to Amanda. "It means a lot to me that I can do this for her and I know she'll love him and she'll take really good care of him."

Amanda said she found her true prince charming. "I love Prince a lot, like 100%."

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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