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Fire department vandalism

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) -- Some people make it difficult to landscape the new Marshfield Fire station.

The location is currently in the process of receiving its makeover.

Already, surveillance tape from the station shows a truck using the median separating the fire station and Brown's Bar as a driveway between the two.

Fire department leaders say they have a big idea to stop the problem.

Robert Haight, Deputy Fire Chief says, "So one of the things that's going to be happening, it was in our original site plan, but we haven't gotten around to it yet is actually we are going to be installing boulders along that side, decorative boulders of a large size ,that are going to stop that type of behavior in the future."

Police continue to look into who drove across the median.  The damage to the property has already been repaired.  It will not delay the grand opening next month.

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