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Kolten Cares

by Mike Haberle

Mosinee (WAOW)-- Most 9-year-old kids are concerned with video games or playing in the yard, not issues that involve health care and the welfare of others.

His name is Kolten Craft, and he loves to golf. In fact it's his favorite sport. Kolten's mother works at Ministry Saint Claire's Hospital. One day she had a conversation with him about patients not having insurance and not being able to pay for their medical bills. He wanted to find a way to help.

"I felt bad for them," said Kolten. "Because when they get sick they get sick and it's just miserable. And then they don't have any medicine, and then they have to go pay for that and they don't have enough money for it."

So Kolten took his love for golf and his love for helping others, and put the two together. With the guidance of his parents Kolten started hosting a charity golf tournament for family members. Koltens mother felt they could improve the event even more.

"She came to us and said we do this family golf outing and we'd like to see if we could take it up a few notches and help it benefit the compassionate care fund," Tom Weaver of Ministry Health Care said.

Sometimes Kolten's parents wonder why they didn't think of the idea themselves.

"When you hear this stuff you can't help but to be really proud. It's absolutely amazing. You pause for a moment, and think why didn't I think of that?" Dave Craft said.

Kolten's just glad he could help.

"I told her I really want to help these people," Kolten said. "Our way is having a tournament on the Indianhead Golf Course."

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