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Countdown to Kickoff: Rib Lake/Prentice

by Russ Owens

(WAOW) - The Rib Lake/Prentice football team missed the playoffs by just a game a season ago.  Daniel Petkau was a critical part of that team and he hopes to help them reach the postseason this year.  However, he's had to battle through a lot off the field just to hit the turf again.

Petkau is about to enter his final year playing with the Rib Lake/Prentice football team. Like the rest of his teammates, he has the goal of getting the Hawks back to the playoffs after an absence a year ago.


Says Petkau, "We wanna work our hardest to achieve that goal, we wanna make the playoffs so we can get more games obviously, and just see how far we can go."

But for Petkau, he's even lucky to be on the field at this point. That's because earlier this summer, the 6'6 receiver was treated for staph-like infections in both of his legs.

Says Petkau, "It's really tough, I mean I'm probably not gonna be in as good a shape as everyone else but I'm definitely gonna try to fight through it."

Says Co-Coach Kevin Weiss, "You never know what life is gonna throw at you, he has all the talent in the world and then all of a sudden, you get thrown something you've probably never even heard of before."

He's battled back though and he hopes to be joining the rest of his teammates when the team plays its first game Saturday at McDonell Central.

Says Petkau, "I really wanna be out there with the guys and just getting ready for our first game and stuff like that."

Says Weiss, "Every day he is standing on the sideline chomping at the bit, wishing he was out there."

Says Senior Cody Gasser, "You know he wants to play really bad and just seeing him out there supporting us is really cool."

Reporting from Rib Lake, Russ Owens, Newsline nine sports.


Online Reporter - Russ Owens

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