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Fundraising for Build from the Heart

by Cami Mountain

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Since word started to spread about the Build From the Heart project, many people have come out of the wood-work looking for ways to help.  Some have started their own fundraiser's.

Doug Berg works with Annie Teeters at Wausau Financial Systems.  He knows how important this project is to her family.

At their office, they've set up a Queen of Hearts game where other workers buy in to a drawing.  If their name is chosen, they get to pick a card out of a deck.  If they pull the Queen of Hearts, they win a prize.  All the money from the game is donated to the Build From the Heart project.

Berg says, "When something happens to a family, that's when you chip in. Whether it's people down in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, they chipped in to help those families. This is our family. This is our Wausau family and it's what we really need to do."

Berg also challenged other departments to see which could raise the most money for the project.

At River Valley Bank- Kia Xiong, a bank teller, set up a spa day.  Half of the proceeds benefit Build From the Heart.

You can buy tickets to the day of pampering for $40 dollars and enjoy facials, manis and pedis and massages.

She got involved when she heard how the project could help families like hers.

"I gave birth 5 months ago and my son, when he was born, has had quite the medical complications."  Xiong says, " Being only 5 months old, he's had 5 surgeries and multiple hospital stays. It is very difficult, not being able to talk about it to somebody. I just thought it was important to help build them their community room, help them build their dream so other parents who are going through the same things can come together and talk."

The spa event is this coming Sunday at the Weston Inn in Schofield.  It runs from 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM.

To make an appointment, call (715)212-8775.




Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain




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