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Honey Bees benefit the environment


by Brittany Earl

Rhinelander(WAOW)--Paul Goossen is what you would call a bee whisperer he says he can tell by the sound of a buzz whether or not a colony has a queen. For over fifty years Paul has been a bee keeper he started in Iowa and now lives in Rhinelander.

Paul says he never planned on owning bees but after a friend gave him a hive in 1957 there was no turning back. "well it was just a hobby to begin with, I had just a couple of hives cause I like honey then it developed into a small business where I had a 150 hives and sold over 30,000 pounds of honey a year," said Paul

Paul is now co-chair of the Oneida County Bee Association he says bees are an important part of pollination in our environment without the use of pollination our food supply would dwindle.

Paul says, "First of all in regards to food, one third of our food is directly responsible to pollination, 90 percent is enhanced by pollination."

Even the sweet nectar produced by bees is beneficial. "People who have allergies if they eat honey during the winter about a table spoon a day then they will be exposed to a little bit of pollen and when the season comes they will already be exposed to it," said Paul.

Paul no longer runs a business; he's down to two hives but for Paul it was never about the money. "I get enjoyment just watching them they are very intriguing," said Paul.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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