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Bowling greats Duke and Mallott come to town for clinic and trick shot show


By Russ Owens

(WAOW)-  Bowling is certainly one of the largest sports in Wisconsin, and two of the sports biggest pros came to town on Saturday to put on a show in Rothschild.

Bowling greats Norm Duke and Wes Mallott made their way to Coral Lanes Saturday afternoon.

The two put on a trick shot show as well as a clinic for area bowlers.

For these guys its nice to get a break from the serious competition and have a little fun.

Says Norm Duke, "In this atmosphere, it's all about fun, all about just being here with the folks for a day and enjoying it, and it's a lot different. It's a lot less nerveracking, less TV cameras, stuff like that, we like it."

Says Wes Mallott, "Well anytime we get to extend our knowledge to some of our greatest fans, it's always an honor. It's just seeing all the guys happy, obviously makes us happy and makes us wanna continue what we do, what we love actually, so it's great all around."

Online Reporter- Russ Owens

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