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Green Fire station

by Mike Haberle

Marshfield (WAOW) -- Marshfield Firefighters are in their new building, and they couldn't be happier.

"We're very excited to be in the new facility," Fire Chief Jim Schmidt said. "Obviously we went from about a twelve thousand five hundred facility to about thirty two thousand square foot. From an operational perspective we got a lot more room. It's a safer facility to work in."

Not only does the new facility keep Marshfield's heroes safer, but it will also keep the community much greener. The station recycles used shower water, and uses it as toilet water. Rainwater collected on the station's roof doesn't find it's way to the sewer, but to the fire engine's water tanks, where it is used for putting out fires.

All these new systems and added space have the firefighters ready to go.

"The employee here are very excited about the new place because of the change and benefits from our old fire station, where we had cramp quarters," Relief Deputy Chief Brad Breuer said. "We're not fighting to get around the fire engines. It makes it quite a bit easier to respond."

Just like the new fire station responding to the Go Green Movement. The building also takes advantage of natural light, and has several geo- thermal wells, which heat or cool water to around fifty degrees. Utility costs are expected to be cheaper than years past. It's just one of the new reasons firefighters are excited to be in Marshfield.

"Big sense of pride moving over here. It's been forty plus years since we've had a new building, and we're very happy to be here," Firefighter and Paramedic Erik Jonas said.

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