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New semi truck technologies; making the roads safer for everyone


by Brittany Earl

STEVENS POINT(WAOW)--It's a common feeling for many, a sense of panic when pinned between two semi trucks while driving down the road. It can be a scary situation when an 80,000 pound semi truck comes skidding down the highway. Especially for the man behind the wheel like Fred Andersky.

Fred Andersky, Director of Marketing Controls for Bendix says, "What can happen is the truck can start to lose control and result in a rollover."

Andersky says the truck won't roll because of the safety braking system, its hard to see but you can feel it.

If the driver swerves the truck sends signals to the wheels making them grip the road and the truck slows down.

"Its what we call Full Stability as oppose to a rollover only system, it helps the driver with not only rollovers from going around a turn too fast but loss of control like when a car cuts out and the truck swerves," said Andersky.

The safety system is designed to benefit others on the road as well. The truck's safety system acts sort of like radar, sensing any object that appears within 500 feet.

"If that vehicles starts to slow, we give the driver a warning as well as an active intervention. It includes throttle reducing speed or applying the brakes to help maintain that following distance," said Andersky.

That helps lessen the chances of you getting rear ended and gives drivers like Andersky more confidence on the road.

Dan Olson, Vice President of Transportation Sentry Insurance says, "Nothing will ever replace a good skilled professional driver but this will certainly enhance the safety of those trucking fleets that are out there on the highways."

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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