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Artists use nature as inspiration for work


By Anna Carrera

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Artists from all over the world are landing at the Woodson Art Museum and they're showing off some sky-high art.

Robert Bateman was one of the featured artists last weekend. When he sees a bird, his heart takes flight.

"Some guys their heart jumps when they see a Porsche going along the road," Bateman said. "Or their heart jumps when they see a pretty girl. My heart jumps for that too. But for birds, it's special."

He's been painting birds since he was 12 years old. Even through his years as a high school teacher, he stayed faithful to his passion.

"Somebody said to me one time years ago, you're so lucky to have this wonderful hobby, going home and doing art on the weekends," Bateman said. "It must be so relaxing. And I said, listen. It's not relaxing. It's like saying to Tiger Woods, did you have a relaxing weekend at the American Open? I mean, it's what I do but it's not relaxing."

The 15 artists drew their inspiration from the nature that surrounded them last Saturday morning. From paintbrushes and watercolors to wood and clay, each artist had their own specialty to show off.

"I chose wood as my primary medium because it's got a natural beauty to it," said Gene Reineking, another one of the featured artists.

The artists not only showcased their skills, but also gave a few pointers to the crowd. Bateman said he encourages young artists to follow their dreams.

"Get some kind of a meal ticket, brick layer or brain surgeon, something like that," Bateman said. "And then try to arrange your life so that you have enough time to do painting, even if it's just on weekends. And paint your little heart out."

The exhibition runs through November 14th. It's always free to stop in. Newsline 9 is proud to present Birds in Art features on Thursdays during the 9 week run.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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