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Wausau seniors react to social security freeze


by Patrick Manning

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Seniors are upset about the news that came out of our nations capital. Residents at the Primrose retirement home are disgusted that they won't even a dollar more in their social security checks.

Even though the cost of living continues to rise.

 "Well I feel really bad for people that absolutely strictly depend on their social security checks," says social security recipient Marjorie Calkoske.

 According to the government, 64% of our nations retirees rely on social security for their sole income, but now they say it's time for them to start making some cuts.

 "The sad thing is that they are going to lose out on being able to, cost of their medications, and maybe sacrifice eating. Those social security dollars are something they paid into their whole working lives, so it's going to effect everything," says Primrose executive director Zoey Solin.

"So many people, you see shopping the stories these days are looking for bargains and it's sad that they are going to have to step back because all prices are going up, and their income is going down," says social security recipient Clifford Vanderwall.

 And with a crucial election just around the corner, this might change some of their minds on who they want in office.

 "I would like to see some new blood in there," adds Calkoske.

 And these Wausua senior citizens hope our elected officials get their message..and take it all the way to Washington.

 "I don't think politicians know anymore more or understand the social security anymore more than I do," adds social security recipient Mary Suthermind.

Online Reporter: Patrick Manning

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