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Wausau Police believe Stephanie Low may be in danger


by Brittany Earl

WAUSAU(WAOW)--Wausau police believe its a real possibility that a missing woman was taken against her will.

Stephanie Low, 22, is missing and police have reason to believe she could be in danger. George Low, Stephanie's father said he's just trying to keep it together, "Well I'm scared, most definitely scared. The longer it goes on the worse its going to be."

Deputy Chief Bryan Hilts, Wausau Police Department says, "We want to find her as fast as we can because we know the chances of her being ok are better the sooner we can find her."

The last time Stephanie's family heard from her was early Sunday morning. Her father said Stephanie was frantic and indicated someone was threatening her, then the call just abruptly ended.

Stephanie's family searched for her on the Wisconsin River and in Wausau parks, they even distributed flyers and T-shirts. Police went to Lows apartment, they say they found suspicious evidence that was sent to the crime lab.

"There were some things we found in the apartment that were unusual that could lead us to believe there was harm done to her," said Hilts. Low says "That's probably what I think about the most but I'm really glad now that they're going to be looking in the right spots."

Thursday police requested access to Stephanie's computer. They said they don't have a specific suspect but the entire detective bureau is working the case.

Stephanie's dad is looking for answers too, he said he won't give up until his little girl is found. "If somebody did something wrong somebody needs to pay."

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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