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Kayla Berg's Mother speaks out about the disappearance of Stephanie Low


by Brittany Earl

ANTIGO(WAOW)--Hearing stories about the disappearance of Stephanie Low only reminds Hope Sprenger, that her daughter Kayla Berg is still missing.

Sprenger watches the news every night in search of information about her daughter, Kayla Berg who went missing over a year ago. That's why when Sprenger saw stories about Stephanie Low, the Wausau women whose been missing since Sunday pop up on TV, old nightmares resurfaced.

Sprenger says, "I couldn't believe it was happening again to another family, it brought back a lot of horrific memories that really never went away."

Seeing Stephanie's face on TV and hearing her family speak out, made Sprenger sick to her stomach. She says, no one can really understand what Stephanie's family is going through but Sprenger does first hand.

"My heart goes out with them tremendously, I know exactly what there going through. It's hard to put into words, lots of worry, helpless feelings, wanting to do everything you can. There's about a million questions that run through your mind," said Sprenger.

Advice is what Sprenger offers up to Stephanie's family, she says don't be afraid to ask questions and no matter what, keep the faith alive. Sprenger says, good or bad she understands that everyone needs closure. "That's something I never give up on. I want that everyday, that's the one wish I've wanted for the last year," said Sprenger.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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