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Wausau property taxes could increase


WAUSAU (WAOW)--City of Wausau residents may see a $0.23 increase in their property tax rate this year. However the increase comes at the same time come city workers will see an increase in pay. During last year's budget some city workers gave up their raises and took furlough days in hopes of helping the city balance the budget.

City leaders say they hoped the economy would improve this year. But Wausau's finance director says the city saw a decline revenue they rely on to off-set city costs. Now they have to balance the books in other ways.

But some residents say the increase is hard to take. Ken Roesler says, "When you have an unemployment rate of approaching ten percent and you see your taxes go up because municipalities haven't found a way to balance a budget with excising rates in difficult times, that's bothersome."

However by skipping a year in raises city leaders say Wausau saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. But contractually, the raises must be given this December. "Now its going into effect December 26, 2010 because they voluntarily agreed to delay there raise," says Wausau Finance Director Maryanne Groat. "That delay saved the city about $500,000."

For homeowners the increased rate means that if a home costs $100,000, taxes will go up by about $23.

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