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Young shooters take Hunter Education Safety Class


by Brittany Earl

MARATHON COUNTY(WAOW)--Most teachers do what they love because they want to give back to their students and that's why Lyle Manteuffel dedicates his time to teaching young hunters how to stay safe when using a gun.

Lyle Manteuffel has been teaching young hunters about safety since 1986. As a retired conservation warden he feels it's his and other instructor's jobs to teach students about gun safety.

Manteuffel says, "We're giving them the basics of how to be safe and responsible with a fire arm. We're trying to prevent accidents."

The Hunter Education Program Requires the students to go through an 18 hour course, completing different levels. 'They have to actually handle the fire arms and demonstrate the different safety procedures and techniques that they've been taught the last couple of weeks," said Manteuffel.

Zang Chang, D.C. Everest Freshmen says, "When I first shot the gun and looked at the target I was surprised, I did pretty good for a first timer."

Paige Oakes, John Muir 7th Grader, says "You think it's going to be scary but once you do it, you actually think oh my gosh this is really fun."

Manteuffel says "We want to make sure the sport of hunting stays as safe as it has been. Part of the reason why we're doing this, is so the new hunters are going to be as safe as they can be."

That's why Lyle says its' so important to him to be involved, he says he truly enjoys what he does. 'When I leave the range today I know these kids have had quality instruction. I feel good going home at the end of the day knowing I helped contribute to this."

To find a Hunter Education Safety Course near you Call your local sheriffs department or head to the Department of Natural Resources website.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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