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Home prefabricated and assembled


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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- The Teeters' home is prefabricated and assembled!  Meet some of the business owners and contractors who made it happen.

With every shot of the nail gun, the Teeters' home is one step closer to reality. 

The handicapped accessible home built from the heart by people in the Wausau community.  The home is a community effort, our own Extreme Home Makeover, for Chris and Annie Teeters two kids, Zak and Callie.  They were born with a rare chromosome abnormality, leaving them severely disabled.  They're forever dependent on their parents.  This new home will give them independence.

Much of the material to build the structure was donated by Wausau Homes.  Their crews assembling the walls fitted with windows donated by Kolbe and Kolbe.

Mark Harger says, "Kolbe and the family of employees are always excited to contribute to a project like this, support a family like the Teeters and the community in general.  So, it's really exciting."

There's another exciting piece to the Teeters project puzzle.  One of the builders from Wausau Homes, Nick Teske, a long lost high school friend of Chris.  The two meet back up on the assembly line.  Teske hands over the nail gun.

He says, "I didn't actually know that we would be building this house.  When I found that out I was very excited.  I'm very glad that I'm able to be part of the building experience with him."

What's one day on the assembly line is just a few days later assembled on site.

Pete Hirn, a Wausau Homes project coordinator says, "The process to see that, it's just amazing.  You can have this plan on a piece of paper and then within a week, after it's obviously built here in our plant, within a week you can go out to that job site and see what's on that piece of paper right there in front of you."

Crews from Wausau homes have worked with general contractors, Graveen Construction, from the very beginning, from the time this plan was simply on paper.  A dream.

"It always feels great to get started on a project."  Jess Graveen says, "This one is a little more special than most, I would say."

Months later, this dream is tangible, within sight, touchable.  Not possible without support from the Wausau community.

Online Reporter: Cami Mountain

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