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Thousands of homes still without power in the Northwoods


by Brittany Earl

ONEIDA COUNTY(WAOW)--Thousands of Northwoods residents are still without power, families have been without heat for four days and there's nothing they can do except play the waiting game.

Jason Schafbuch, Arbor Vitae resident says, "We were going to bed and all of sudden the power went out."

The Schafbuch family weren't he only one's sitting in the dark, Tuesday night several homes lost power due to wind storms.

Bob Sekula, Arbor Vitae resident says, "This is the longest we have ever been without power."

Sekula says, behind his house tree branches still lay on top of power lines sitting over a propane tank. "Yeah we're frustrated because that guy there doesn't have power but that guy over there does and down on the south end they have power," said Sekula

Mr. and Mrs. Sekula rely on their wood stove to stay warm he says everyone is doing what they can to survive.

"We have a fire place and the kids slept on floor in front of it to stay warm, every now and then you have to get up and stoke the fire," said Schafbuch.

During the day if people need to get warm they can go to a library or other places in community to get warm. The Oneida County Emergency Management says if you have any questions about a relative call your local dispatcher.

The Schafbuch family says, of course they wish they had power but there's nothing they can do about it. In the mean time they just have fun enjoying each others company.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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