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60-Second Angler 11/02/10


Some interesting things are happening to muskie anglers this fall and once you get past all this goofy weather, bait availability becomes a big issue.  The live bait of choice in the fall for the big girls is a sucker and it's the number one presentation post turnover.  But this year, suckers are hard to come by.  Just this last weekend I was fishing in a small lake south of Lake Tomahawk and had to go to Minocqua for bait.  And let me tell you, these things aren't cheap!  But what they are, are small.  Look for a bait dealer that has a source of river suckers.  They're bigger, hardier and effective.  And dealers are not reserving bait so it's first come first served.  Bait distributors are blaming high water and state regulations for the short supply.  If live bait isn't an option, find the weeds and work large plastics, crankbaits, large twitchbaits and keep the topwaters moving.  On calm days they've been raising some nice fish.  Bottom line is there isn't one definitive presentation this time of year.  Experiment a little bit and you may be surprised with what happens.

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