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Tips for finding a seasonal job


by Kristen Rietz

(WAOW)--  Many job hunters will get an early present this year as retailers are increasing the number of hires for the holiday season.

Get this- Toys R Us alone is hiring 45 thousand holiday employees and other retail giants report hiring 20 or even 30 percent more seasonal staff than last year.

Definitely good news for job seekers!

So what should you know before locking down a holiday gig?

Start the job search earlier rather than later.

Retail, shipping, restaurants and catering companies are common sources of seasonal employment and now is the time for job hunters to determine which job suits them best, identify companies they'd like to work for and start submitting those applications and resumes.

Consider working where you shop.

You will already be familiar with the company and its products and, secondly, discounts available for employees mean significant savings when shopping for Christmas gifts.

I'm told discounts can range from 20-40 percent for seasonal employees.

And be sure to put your best foot forward.

Even if you are just picking up an application at the mall, dress your best and be prepared for an interview.

This includes being familiar with the company's brand and its products.

Finally- Be flexible.

Full-time employees usually have first dibs on the preferred hours and shifts, so, as a seasonal employee, expect to work long, sometimes inconvenient hours including actually working on holidays.

If this is a second job in addition to your day job, be up front with your new employer about your available hours.

Online Reporter: Kristen Rietz

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