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Back in the hunt


By Bonnie Shelton

IRMA (WAOW)--People with disabilities are often unable to participate in the sports they love. Not so for Mitch Hoyt thanks to a helping hand.

Mitch was injured in a tragic hunting accident in 2006. He fell from a tree stand due to a rotted out branch and broke eight vertebrae, along with an extensive list of other injuries. A friend found him six hours later.

Now in a wheelchair, Mitch can still hunt thanks to a program called "Empowered Dream Hunts." The non-profit was founded by fellow hunter Joe Ramsey.

Mitch said the program has given him the ability to share hunting with his family, as well as experience the thrill of the hunt once again. That's because Ramsey built special ramps and blinds to accommodate people with disabilities.

You can find out more about "Empowered Dream Hunts" and learn more about other people the program has helped by heading to the program's web site.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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