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Medford may change recreational vehicle storage ordinance


by Patrick Manning

MEDFORD (WAOW) -- People who live in Medford might be getting faced with some stricter rules about what they can and can't have parked on their property.


The ordinances that are in place now, might be changing.

"It talks about major recreational equipment but it doesn't define what that is," says Merrill Mayor Michael Wellner


In a few weeks, they say it might.

City leaders say the ordinance in place isn't specific enough.

"You know I took a drive around the city, and it's not surprising we have a lot of people with boats and three-wheelers, and we're not trying to restrict those things. That there's bigger recreational vehicles, then we might have to take a look at it," he adds.


The City is soon to determine what that is, and it's likely vehicles over 30 or 40 feet.

But people who live in Medford, are a little upset. Ronald Bremer's truck and trailer is 49 feet long.

"Well I've had this camper here for 21 years, here in Medford. It's always been in my yard, never had a problem, neighbors never complained, and I think they should just leave well enough alone, Bremer says.


The Clarkson's agree too. They lived in Medford for more than 30 years and say it's their property, they should do what they want with it.

"If we pay taxes it's helping the city and the town maintain their property, so we should be able to maintain our property as we want," says Evelyn Clarkson.


Mayor Wellner says he doesn't want people who live here to get too nervous yet, but may need to be ready for some changes ahead.

"If you have things parked there, to not get excited that were gonna come tell you have you have to get rid of them or store them. It's like a lot of things, we are looking at extreme cases."

Online Reporter: Patrick Manning

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