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Adams County shooting scare

by Patrick Manning

ADAMS COUNTY (WAOW) -- A report of shots fired Saturday night in Adams County had people and police on edge, and neighbors say they were told by authorities to stay in their homes for several hours.

An apparent gunman was on the loose after shooting at vehicles on Highway 73.

 "Well we just saw the squad cars up on the corner, we didn't know what was going on," says resident Kenneth Miller.

 A neighbor says it was his nephew playing with a B.B. gun.

Meanwhile neighbor's say the Adams County sheriff's department told people to stay in their homes. And bar owners said they were told not to let anyone outside.

 "Well right away the sheriff's deputy came in and he just said he didn't want to have anybody alarmed, but there had been a shooting instance and he didn't want anybody outside the bar," says bar owner Douglas Beggs.

 Parts of Highway 73 were closed to traffic as authorities continued their search.

 "Some friends at the bar, they called me and said they had the road shut down because there was some guy out here with a gun. So I didn't know what was going on, I heard all kinds of rumors," says Mark Garlow.

 Garlow, who lives in the area, says police approached him, questioning him about the incident.

 "Well we stayed in the house for a while. And then I ended up coming outside, not knowing, I was on the phone with people at the bar. And I walked down by the road to see what was going on. And all the sudden I'm being rushed at, guns are being pointed at me, and people coming out of the woods. I didn't know what to do, I thought I was going to get shot."

 Garlow figures police thought he was involved in the shooting because they had responded to Garlow's home earlier in the day.

But Garlow says it was his nephew who was responsible and says the boy had been playing with his BB gun. Garlow says authorities were just doing their job and handled it fine and will encourage his nephew to start practice his shooting at other things.

 "[Like to] shoot at targets," Garlow says.

Online Reporter: Patrick Manning

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