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Merrill considers tax hikes


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MERRILL (WAOW) -- People in Merrill face tax hikes from both the county and the city. And even though some aren't happy about it, they said it's a necessary evil.

Gary Weber took advantage of Tuesday's warm weather by doing some work outside.

"I'm cleaning up the yard so it looks decent," said Weber.

Weber lives in Merrill. He said he doesn't mind paying taxes as long as the city is doing their part.

"We're doing pretty darn good in the city wise and everything," said Weber, "and I think the county's doing a darn good job."


But now the city is looking at another tax hike. The city's finance director said the average property in Merrill is valued at about $75,000, so the average increase for next year looks to be about $26.

She said Merrill is talking about raising taxes for several reasons but a big one has to do with keeping a full-time fire department staffed. People who live in the city said even though it's not perfect, at least the city makes an effort.

"They're trying to do a good job on it but for some reason they do the roads and a year later there's potholes," said Weber.


As Weber cracks the branches in his yard, he hopes the city will crack down in its issues and take care of the people who are footing their bills.

"As long as they're servicing us, I think that'll be alright," said Weber. "As long as they keep it up."

Representatives from the city said there have been minimal tax increases since 2003.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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