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60-Second Angler 11/9/10


Okay, you've probably got your boat stored for the winter already and that means two things.  First, you're missing some great fall fishing and second, you could be ripe for the picking.  A lot of theft occurs during the winter months and there are some ways to avoid making your rig a target.  Electronics are some of the big ticket items stolen so it only makes sense to remove and keep them in a secure place at home.  Your outboards are also prime, especially smaller ones or kicker motors.  Remove these, too or at the very least, install a lock.  Props also disappear.  Finally, never leave your gear inside.  You're just asking for trouble with all those rods, reels, tackle boxes and stuff left in the boat. 
Even in locked storage, they are far from secure and easy pickin's for someone.  To protect yourself and keep your insurance agent happy, record the serial numbers of anything that has one and take a photo of it in the boat.  If something unfortunate does happen, you'll have the documentation to either find it or replace it.

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