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30 days pass in Stephanie Low case

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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Thirty days have come and gone since Stephanie Low's family last heard from their missing daughter.

Even though it's been a month since investigators started working the case, they said they are not giving up. Neither is her family.

"The biggest question I got is where's my daughter? That's the biggest thing," said Stephanie's father, George Low. "That's what I think about all the time." 


National media outlets already picked up her story and word of her disappearance continues to spread.


"I can run around town all I want, but there's a lot of people out there that don't even know this is going on," said George.


George said he's doing his part and Wausau Police investigators keep digging for answers.


"We're still working on some leads on this case," said Wausau Police Deputy Chief Bryan Hilts. "Obviously the ones that were most direct have been worked through already and now we're working on some things that were a little less direct."


At one point, every single one of that department's detectives worked on Stephanie's case and many still investigate it on a daily basis. But Hilts said people's expectations can be sky high, instead of grounded in reality.


"There's obviously many people we need to interview, some physical evidence that needs to be evaluated and checked on and those types of things take time that's not revealed in television programing," said Hilts.


As the days pass, Stephanie's dad said he hopes for closure. But even he can't wait forever.


"There's a lot of people out there doing this, been doing it their whole lives and never know," said George. "I don't want to be one of them people."

And to all the people who keep asking, keep hoping and keep searching, George said he's still looking for the right words to say.


"I wish I had an answer for everybody because then I'd know," said George. "I really need to know. Thirty days today -- that's already too long."


Hilts said he has detectives working on Stephanie's case every day. Anyone with information about her is asked to call the Wausau Police Department at 715-261-7800.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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