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Abbotsford students celebrate Veterans Day


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ABBOTSFORD (WAOW) -- People of all ages celebrate Veterans Day on Thursday and one school in Abbotsford prepared a special program to honor vets.

Students, teachers and members of the community all learned a history lesson outside the classroom in their Veterans Day ceremony.

Some Veterans Day celebrations show discipline to help us remember those unsung patriotic heroes who put their lives on the line in hopes of a better tomorrow.

"Our liberty was threatened, our freedom was threatened and they came forward," said Never Forgotten Honor Flight Co-Chair Mike Thompson.

Others show emotion. Thursday's celebration in Abbotsford had both. And students say they understand why Veterans Day is so important.

"They've never gotten thanks for anything and finally now we're starting to say thank you and I think they deserve that," said Aija Kopca, a student at Abbotsford.

The chairmen of the Never Forgotten Honor Flight participated as guest speakers. They said they want to bridge the ever-growing gap between vets and students.

"It's important for them to know the history and how these soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors, represented their country in a time really of desperate times," said Thompson.

They teach messages of respect.

"When you see a veteran in the grocery store, the gas station, where ever you run into him, you walk up to that veteran and say thank you," said Never Forgotten Honor Flight Co-Chair Jim Campbell.

The students listen intently and learn a thing or two about history, outside of their classroom.

"We get to honor people who survived World War II and the other wars," said Abbotsford student Starr Elazio.

"Veterans Day is important to me because we can give up some time to thank those who gave up so much for us," said Jazmine Sales, another student at Abbotsford.

"Freedom is not free," said Thompson. "It comes at a great cost. And many of these World War II vets and all veterans on Veterans Day -- they paid that price and we're forever indebted to them."

Thursday's ceremony also included performances by Abbotsford's band and choir.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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