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Someone You Should Know: Aimie Eckelberg


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STRATFORD (WAOW) -- When Aimie Eckelberg walks into a classroom she has one thing in mind. She wants to turn her family's life lessons into teachable moments for her audience, in this case students at Stratford Elementary.

"I guess I really feel that all schools, not just elementary schools, have a responsibility to teach about individual differences and respect and compassion for all people," said Principal Amy Schmitt.

Newsline 9 featured Eckelberg's son Noah, 7, as a CMN Miracle Child this past year. He's filled with energy, loves playing in his backyard, hitting a ball, running the bases, and he does it all with braces.

The braces Aimie writes about in her new children's book, Walk the Walk, are what's noticeable to the outside world about Noah's condition. When he started kindergarten some of the older kids picked on the outward difference.

"I want them to have an understanding that they don't have to have their child come home in tears and that they're not eating, because of something that happened in school. They don't have to go through that," Aimie said.

The braces also garnered a lot of questions--and they still do. Reading her book to schools and day care centers is Aimie's way of sorting out a topic that can be scary and confusing. She wants to build awareness about the differences that make us all special.

"Hopefully, it will spark a conversation about the differences out there, and we need to be accepting of those differences," Aimie said.

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