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Bedbugs epidemic hits Central Wisconsin


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 WAUSAU (WAOW) -- For a long time, bedbugs were just a myth. But now, they are appearing to be more of a hot issue and they're putting travelers and people in the tourism industry on edge.

"Travel is the number one reason, because bedbugs move with people. They are amazing hitchhikers, you don't really know why they travel with people, and you certainly don't know they are traveling with you," says entomologist Hao Yu of Guardian Pest Solutions.

Yu says bedbugs are causing anxiety around the country especially for hotel managers are worried that the outbreak might cause guests to crawl away.

"We do have people inquiring about what we do," says Randy O'Brien, general manager and director of operations for The Stoney Creek Inn and The Grand Lodge in Rothschild.

O'Brien says bedbugs have not appeared in either of his properties. They take careful precautions. He says travelers should look for some common hiding places, such as behind headboards.

"If you pull the bedding back within the mattress you've got a seam. You are going to want to look in these areas within the mattress itself."

Chuck Oelig, a district supervisor with Guardian, says a heat treatment will kill the pests.

T"he main option for right now and the preferred option for the industry right now is the heat treating. That's where we heat up the room up to about 130 degrees and hold it there for 2 to 3 hours."

Bottom line: if you see a bedbug, you should report it to the hotel. Experts advise it's not a danger, just more of an annoyance, and with more people on the move, likely not to go away.

By Patrick Manning




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