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Research before buying firewood

by Kristen Rietz

(WAOW)-- If you're one of the hunters from around the state making plans for another gun-deer season,  a word of caution when using firewood: If you move a bundle, it might cost you a bundle.

Wisconsin's emerald ash borer quarantine restricts the movement of firewood from 11 counties, and transporting firewood out of these counties could result in a penalty of a couple hundred dollars or more.

Moving firewood out of states with quarantines, like Illinois or Michigan, could result in penalties of thousands of dollars.

So if your hunting trip includes the use of firewood, follow this advice:

Gather or purchase your firewood at or near your destination.

Get only as much firewood as you need for your stay; don't leave any behind or take any home.

Use firewood from state-certified dealers; they've rendered their firewood free of any pests or diseases.

Online Reporter: Kristen Rietz



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