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Wausau club may lose entertainment license


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 WAUSAU (WAOW) -- The BreakAway Dance Club could lose its entertainment license. This comes after police tell Newsline 9 the City's Health and Safety Committee voted to suspend that license for three months.

Neighbors who live in the Wausau neighborhood say customers at the BreakAway sometimes get out of hand.

"Well you know I think people assume this area is a little shady because of the bar. So I feel if they suspend people around here are going to be happy, so it's not so noisy. The people who live around here aren't going to have to deal with the Friday and Saturday night problems, the cops all hours of the night," says Jolene Lemaster, who co-owns a hair salon down the road from the club.

What goes on inside club often moves outside and threatens her business.

"Beer bottles, beer cans, paper, just stuff thrown all over. And it's just on Friday and Saturday nights. And that's the only bar in the area, it's a mess, you know we have to pick it up it looks bad when people walk by and they see beer cans and bottles all over the place," she says.


The Schroeder family lives upstairs from the salon and they say customers of the bar sometimes leave them feeling uneasy.


"There's been bar fights. The cops have been called almost every weekend out there. It's not really safe for my kids, you know cars park all the way up to the street line here so they're loud at night when they're coming out from the bar," says Amanda Shroeder.


Wausau's police chief says he support's the vote to suspend the bar's entertainment license.

Last year he says his department responded to 109 calls about BreakAway.

This year, officers have responded to break up 24 fights.

No license would mean the club couldn't have a band or DJ in which the chief contends will help them control the crowds better.


"We've had injuries from these fights, so our position has been we'll feel that management has to address those kids of behaviors inside the bar before they get to the fight level," says Wausau police chief Jeff Hardel.


And the chief believes a three month break in the entertainment license, might calm things down.

Online Reporter: Patrick Manning


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