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Class of the Week: Elcho 7th Graders

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ELCHO (WAOW) -- For the past 10 years, Tim Guckenberg's seventh grade science class has kept Elcho High School environmentally conscious.

Elcho Science teacher Tim Guckenberg says "About ten years ago when I first started here, we hadn't had a recycling project in the district, and I was approached by a custodian and asked if I would like to set one up. I teach science here, so I thought it would go hand in hand with some of the curriculum we were doing, so I made some calls. There were some bins that were donated and we set it up from scratch."

Each year, a new round of students comes in, eager to make a difference. Every Tuesday, Mr. Guckenberg sets aside the first 15 minutes of his class for his students to take out all the recycling in the building. He pairs off his students at the beginning of the quarter, assigns them rooms, and then they're off. Seventh grade student Ryan McFadden says "We were doing it pretty fast, seeing how we're kinda getting used to it, so we're getting more familiar with it and we keep getting faster and faster."

They silently enter the classrooms, grab the bins for paper and plastic, and they make a beeline for the recycling dumpsters outside.
Students say their weekly ritual makes them more environmentally aware.
Seventh grader Erika Briggs says "We all have our moments where we throw something on the ground without thinking, but then we always pick it up and stuff."

A continued dedication to the environment makes this group of 13 students Class of the Week.

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