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Unemployment benefits running out


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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Millions of Americans rely on unemployment benefits to make ends meet, but that money may disappear after Thanksgiving.

It's a problem many people don't like to talk about, but with nearly one in 10 Americans out of a job, unemployment is a reality that faces people all over the country.

"It's been really hard," said Rosie Parnell "It's really hard. A lot of people aren't hiring. With the holidays coming up, there are a few jobs that I'm looking into going to and applying to."

Parnell's story mirrors those of many people across the country. Americans who feel like they don't have anywhere else to turn will have yet another problem to deal with after their unemployment benefits run out.

"I think that's bad," said Parnell. "I know people on unemployment and it's just not fair because, how are they supposed to provide for their families? And it's been really hard to find a job everywhere."

Some people said Thursday's decision from the House of Representatives couldn't have come at a worse time. Representatives from both side of the House said extending benefits is a common goal, but with no easy solution of how to do it, unemployed Americans will have to face a grim reality just as the holiday season starts up.

"Five years ago, unemployment lasted for six months and that was it," said Stacie Hayford, who works as a staffing specialist . "And now I've known people for unemployment up to two years."

Hayford works for Manpower, an employment agency in Wausau. She said the benefits running out could possibly create a positive effect among people in the community.

"People have been able to, fortunately, get this benefit for a long time and they haven't had to get out there and do some job searching," said Hayford.

Hayford said when people run out of other options, they may be more likely to look for other jobs.

And with seasonal employment opportunities on the horizon, Parnell tries to be optimistic.

"I hope I find a job," said Parnell. "Especially with the holiday season, I'm hoping that I can find seasonal work and then it turn into something that is going to stay with me."

The House will have two days after Thanksgiving to try figure out a compromise that will allow them to preserve unemployment benefits.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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