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60-Second Angler 11/23/10


How about some ice fishing FAQs as we head into the stiff water season here in the North?  These are the top questions asked on my Website year after year…* How many tip ups or rods can we use on the ice at one time?  State rules apply and that means no more than 3 hooks, baits or lures at a time.  * Do I need a permit or license for my ice shack?  No, unless you leave the structure on the ice for the season then you need your name and address on the outside.  * Can I lock the door on my ice shelter? Yes, but only when you're not in it.  If you're fishing it must be left unlocked.  * How big a hole can I make? No larger than 12" is regulation.    And if you want to learn a lot more about the sport, join us next month in Rhinelander for the NAIFC national Ice Fishing championships December 18th and 19th.  Check out naifc-dot-com for more information.  Finally a reminder to check the ice conditions any time you venture out but especially early in the season.  First ice is a great time to fish but it's also the most dangerous.  Stay safe.

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