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Lost Hunter thought he might die


by Brittany Earl

NORRIE(WAOW)--What started out as a hunting vacation for one couple quickly turned into a nightmare.

Monday evening Ryan Dziewik went hunting in the woods in Norrie. Dziewik shot a buck but couldn't find it, his fiancé Ashley Griffin left the cabin to help him find his kill. Ryan says within minutes night fell and they found themselves walking in circles.

Ryan Dziewik, lost hunter says, "We were walking in marsh water up to our knees, I couldn't see a thing I dropped my flash light so we only had her flash light for the both of us."

Ashley Griffin, lost in Norrie woods says, "We just got so turned around, it just felt like we were out there forever."

The pair started to panic wondering what if they couldn't find their way back. "We had been sitting screaming for help at the top of our lungs. I attempted dialing 911 with my cell phone but apparently the speaker on the phone didn't work so I didn't know we were connected to them," said Dziewik.

At that time back at the Marathon County Sheriff's Department a call came in but all the dispatcher could get from the call was a GPS signal.

Lieutenant Frank Hanousek, Marathon County Sheriff's Department says, 'When someone calls 911 the signal bounces off the cell towers to a location within that area where that phone is. It's not like the TV show CSI where it's down to the exact spot but it's relatively close."

Dziewik says he didn't think his 911 call went through since his phone told him he didn't have a signal. He and Ashley thought they were probably going to die but just when they thought the worst, Ashley says an angel appeared.

"I heard like a siren go off and I just started screaming and screaming. I see a light it's coming towards us it was the sheriff," said Griffin.

The sheriff's department says the deputy who responded left his car and went out on foot.

"He was able to hear them yelling from the woods. He was able to walk into the woods and find them and then lead them back out to the road," said Hanousek.

"I was afraid for my life and I want people to know up here that they have a great sheriff's department. They go above and beyond than what they are suppose to do just to help people," said Griffin.

The sheriff's department said it was deputy Jim Toth who rescued the couple. Ryan and Ashley said they are grateful that he went above and beyond to find them.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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