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Black Friday shoppers plunge into the madness


by Brittany Earl

RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW)--Across the nation shoppers camped out in winter temperatures just to get their hands on hot Black Friday deals. Those deals brought out only the most dedicated shoppers in Rib Mountain. Lines of people sat outside Best Buy Friday morning, some earlier than 9:00 p.m. Thanksgiving night.

Black Friday Shopper Zachary Lange said, "It's kind of just a pride deal to be out here and be in the cold."

Newsline 9 meteorologists forecasted temperatures around 12 degrees and a wind chill of 5 below zero. Temperatures like that could leave you questioning these shoppers sanity.

Fellow Black Friday shopper Michael Stahnke said it's not crazy, it's just smart. "No you can't be crazy, this is Wisconsin you know what to expect. To get a great deal like this it's worth it."

When doors opened at 5:00 a.m. a sea of shoppers flowed in preparing for the mad dash. First time Black Friday shopper Elizabeth Luedtke said it was exciting. "It was crazy the first store we went to was Wal-Mart and it was wild. There were so many people next to me, I actually got pushed at one point."

Best Buy associates say some get intense, especially when shopping for those door busting deals.

Black Friday shopper Casey Neuman said he had to shop around to get the deal he wanted. "The thing I came here to shop for today was the 42 inch plasma TV. We actually went to Target earlier but they were all sold out."

Holiday shoppers say it's not just about the hot ticketed items, it's also about the experience. "Well this is my first Black Friday shopping experience so I didn't now what to expect and I just wanted to experience it. I love deals so I thought why not," said Luedtke.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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