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Granite Peak slopes open


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 RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW) --The much-anticipated skiing and snowboarding season is here, and earlier than last year.

"It's the first day of the whole year. I've been dreaming about this since it ended, I was dreaming about it, and you know, I couldn't wait," says snowboarder Lucas Prenger. 

Granite Peak has opened it's doors for the season, and skiers and snowboarders are saying the conditions are ideal.

"Perfect, perfect. Winter skiing for starting season. A lot of snow," says skier Colin Dunlap.

He and his friends are visiting from Madison.

"The grooming is amazing. Every morning or every night, whenever they do it. It's perfect. I mean, no missed spots."

And this longtime skier knows. 

"Since I started when I was 2: Skiing is me. It doesn't get any better though," adds Dunlap.

Granite Peak staff tell us they've opened up earlier than last year, and expect a good run.

"Last year we opened December 12th, so we're ahead of the game right now. But we've heard very consistent stories that it's going to be a very snowy winter," says Vicki Baunamm, operations manager for Granite Peak ski area.

And they say more snow, means more visitors on the slopes.

They say they expect more than 100,000 visitors to come visit the slopes.

"Well it's really neat. We have family season passes, and we're selling quite a few. So seeing mom and dad and all the kids skiing together, it's a sport you can do as a family," adds Baunamm.

"I love how you can just do it, no one really judges how you do it. You just go out and have some fun, it's kind of relaxing," says snowboarder Holden Rozmenoski.

So if you hit the slopes for that rush of adrenaline, or you do it simply to clear your mind.

It looks like, it'll be a good season.

Click here for information on Granite Peak.

Online Reporter: Patrick Manning


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