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Bald tires are dangerous hazard during winter months


By Bonnie Shelton

STEVENS POINT (WAOW)--There are many hazards that affect your driving during the winter months, but don't let your tires be one of them. Bald tires and worn down treads greatly reduce handling.

To check the treads on your tires, use the quarter test. Place a quarter between treads on your tire. If Washington's head is visible, you need to replace it.

Tire Salesman Seth Rubey said worn down tires are dangerous in ice and snow. "The contact patch of the tire is about the size of a dinner plate, and that's all that's stopping your two ton vehicle from going into a ditch."

Making sure that your tire has deep grooves and small slits called "sipes" is also important. They allow the tire to bite into snow and ice and provide traction.

When in doubt, take your car to a repair shop and have it looked over. Rubey said although a snow tire is ideal, you can also find a good all season tire that has good siping to last you through the winter.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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