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60-Second Angler 11-30-10


Last week we talked about some of the common questions asked about ice fishing.  This time around it's probably the number one question and that's when it's safe to go out on the ice.  Well, believe it or not there are already people venturing out there…not me.  This time of year one false step can ruin a trip or a lifetime.  Typically it's recommended to stay off the ice until there's at least 2".  4" will support people but it's not until there's over 6" when snowmobiles and ATV's are safe to use.  From there, up to a foot of ice will support a small vehicle and anything over that will handle just about anything.  Rivers or flowages are another matter entirely because of moving water beneath your feet where you can go from safe to soggy in a matter of inches.  Common sense will carry you a long way this time of year so play it safe.  The fish will still be there when you make it out. 

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