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Wausau schools adjust Sex Education curriculum

by Brittany Earl

WAUSAU(WAOW)--The birds and the bees is something many students and parents don't want to discuss and instead believe that's what school is for. Even at school it's a hot topic with many but a Wausau School District's new committee is reassessing the curriculum for Sex Education.

Students discussing sex in the classroom can be controversial but last February Governor Doyle signed a bill saying that if a school teaches Sex Education at all it must be comprehensive which means the curriculum must include information about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases. In reaction to the bill the board of education established a committee to assess Sex Ed curriculum in the classroom.

Tom Hahn, Education Coordinator of Wausau's School District says, "Tonight we will take a look at what the state statute actually requires of us in terms of curriculum and the next thing we will be doing is taking a look at what we currently teach to identify any places that we have gaps or need to add something to be in compliance with the new state statute."

Thursday night the Human Growth and Development Advisory Committee met to discuss the parameters of Sex Education within Wausau's School Districts Walls.

"There's really not a whole lot of new curriculum. We're going to basically review what we currently teach and simply identify if there's anything that needs to be added and those new things will be added the second semester of this current school year," said Hahn.

As part of a state statute the committee is required to have a wide background of members from teachers to parents to doctors. "We have teachers, administrators and we have parents, students, clergy also community members. It's a very wide group of people of a diverse back ground so we can get a well rounded look at our curriculum and get input from a lot of different segments," said Hahn.

Tom Hahn says Wausau's schools are an abstinence first education which means that is what they encourage to their students but they also teach about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases because Hahn says they want their students to be safe but not everyone agrees.

"When we talk about human growth and development its a very controversial topic and hot topic with some people, so will we always get a 100 percent agreement, no? But our interest is doing what's best for our students educationally," said Hahn.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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