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SPASH Help Desk Named Class of the Week


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STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- The SPASH Help Desk class takes care of most of the IT needs at the school. This group of 15 students spends an hour each day dealing with computer issues and this is no group of amateurs.

Business teacher Steve Kass says they go through a tough curriculum to get to this point. "This class is the top class of the IT program at SPASH," Kass says. "The students in this class have gone through ITCS1 which is where they learn the basic computer hardware and how to disassemble and some of the basic troubleshooting skills."

In addition to Mr. Kass, the class has two managers overseeing the program. Those managers pay close attention to each work order. SPASH Senior Andy Schultz says "The work order system is a computerized program that assists all the teachers and staff around the school. If someone has a problem with a computer or a printer, projector, or something, they will enter all of the information on the school website into the work order system and then we receive that and follow it and fix it from there."

Students don't view Help Desk as just any other class. Many of them come back during their spare time help out. SPASH Senior Trenton Karch says, "Sometimes I come in at lunch as well to help finish projects that can't be finished during our normally scheduled class time."

The class doesn't just handle IT needs for the school. Faculty, students, and relatives of people at SPASH can also get their personal computers fixed for a small fee. Kass says "Pretty much, it just funds their expenses. With doing repairs, they need equipment like external hard drives and CDs and new tools so they use that money gathered to replace their supplies that they use when working on a computer."

A strong knowledge base and a willingness to go above and beyond makes The SPASH Help Desk Class of the Week.

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