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UPDATE: Investigation continues into suspicious home explosion


 by Brittany Earl

WAUSAU(WAOW)-- Police are searching for answers after a home explodes on Wausau's northeast side. Wausau's Fire Chief is calling the explosions suspicious, saying it was a strange fire.

Wausau's Fire Chief Gary Buchberger says, "This is not a routine fire. Something is unique about this thing."

Shooting flames and broken glass covered the street Friday night in front of a home at 516 Chicago Avenue. Dennis Peterson, who lives on the corner at 408 Chicago Avenue says he and his wife could hear the glass shatter from down the street.

"I was walking my dog and I heard something like a loud pop next thing I know I could smell smoke, but I didn't know where it was. The next thing you know it was one explosion after another, kicking all the windows out and doors right out of the house," said Peterson.

Chief Buchberger says the call came in around 10:20pm, a home on the northeast side of Wausau had exploded.

Peterson says, "It was a whole ball of flames when I walked up the inside was already engulfed in flames. All I saw was the firemen go inside and then all of a sudden she exploded on the top floor and the firemen come running out the door."

"We attempted to make entry and there were a series of explosions a couple of them knocked some of our people right over," said Buchberger.

Chief Buchberger says no one was hurt or home at the time of the explosion but he is calling the fire suspicious. Several explosions went off while his crews were inside the home.

"So what your seeing now is a defensive operation, protecting exposures and knocking down the fire from the outside as we find it," said Buchberger.

Fire crews were on scene putting out small fires until almost 3 'clock Saturday morning. The Fire Marshall was called to assess the scene, investigating the multiple explosions.

Chief Buchberger says, "What caused the explosions and what this is all about we don't know that's why we're thinking it's strange."

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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