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60-Second Angler 12-7-10

Last March the entire ice fishing world was focused on Rhinelander for the annual World Championship of the sport.  I got to hang with the best of the best on the planet for a week and despite ice fishing nearly all my life, discovered I don't know squat about ice fishing.  What do I mean by that?  It's all in the technique.  I was outclassed so badly I even considered selling all my tipups because these guys don't use them.  The one thing that got me the most was their method of presentation.  While most of us will downsize to 1 or 2 pound test and a 32-ounce jig…they're using ¼ pound line and jigs of 1/80th of an ounce.  Put a little Berkley tail on that and it's non-stop movement that fish keyed in on in a hurry.  So, I'm going to downsize some more, if I can find the stuff locally.  You truly are never too old to learn something new, especially in fishing.

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