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Entries now taken to name Wausau's 400 block


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Entries are being accepted in a contest to rename Wausau's 400 block, Thursday.

City leaders want a new name for the downtown park. Mayor Jim Tipple says the name would finish the project off and he hopes the community will get involved.

To get involved, go to the city's website and enter your idea for a new 400 Block name, along with a support statement explaining why your name is a good fit.

The supports statement needs to be 250 words or less. According to the city's website, the statement should, "identify the values, identity, images and/or sense of place the proposed name evokes and how the name helps fulfill the vision statement and goals set forth for the block."

The vision and goals of the block are:

The development of 400 Block will create a beautiful, unique and multipurpose commons area of the highest quality providing opportunities for activities during all seasons of the year. Further, the 400 Block will provide a strong draw for local persons and tourists into the downtown to visit, to shop and to live.
1. Draw locals and tourists into the downtown for a variety of special activities and events, invigorating a new sense of community and sense of place.
2. Serve as an economic catalyst for the flow of dollars, the upgrade of existing commercial properties, development of new ones and, along with the Arts Block and River Walk, to entice people to live downtown.

Click this link to submit your entry on the City of Wausau's website: http://marathonwi.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_3CwGXqdxIeHiQS0

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