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Digging yourself out


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 WAUSAU (WAOW) --  A snowy day out there, and if you want to be able to leave home, you better have tools to dig yourself out. Many people in neighborhoods across Wausau spent Saturday clearing snow.

"Break out the snow blower, and try to get off the sidewalk and the driveway. Sidewalk for the letter carrier and anyone else because there's a fair amount of foot traffic that comes down this way," says Jason Granec.

He spent Saturday morning clearing his driveway and sidewalk.

He says everyone should pitch in to help so we can all make our commutes.

"When I was going to school having to take the bus, you got to get to the corner, and the only way of getting their in short of walking down the road itself is taking the sidewalk."

 Staff at the Yawkey house museum in Wausau came in a little earlier than usual to clear the snow before visitors arrived.

 "Well at the museum we have a lot of people who are coming in to take a tour, who are paying to come and visit so we have to make sure it's safe for them to be able to access our facility," says Jaclyn Wissmueller.

 No doubt the snow is beautiful, and while it can be fun, neighbors say to remember to play your role.

 "It's a safety hazard. Snow melts, it becomes ice. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt," says Robert Baumann.

Online Reporter: Patrick Manning

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