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Class of the Week: Mosinee Manufacturing Co.


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MOSINEE (WAOW) -- Steve Kmosena's manufacturing class is different than your typical high school course. This class doubles as a small business. The name… Mosinee Manufacturing Company. Students don't simply enroll in this class. Just like a business, they must be hired before they start.

Senior Dominick Teske says "It's just like any other job interview actually. We fill out an application, had a resume, and we went through an interview process. "

Mr. Kmosena says the company got its name out in the community by attending trade shows and posting flyers. The reputation started to grow. He says "The kids need to understand the importance of if we're gonna run a small business, that you need to be out in the community and have a connection with the people and the businesses and put your name out there."

The community had a positive reaction to these young entrepreneurs. Kmosena says "A lot of people said wow, I went to Mosinee. I didn't get to do this kind of stuff when I went there."

Once the students started receiving orders, they had trouble coming out of the gates, but they quickly adjusted. Senior Kade Kyhos says "It started out kinda slow, but then we had an order and we were back-ordered by about 14 orders of trailers, but by the end of the first semester, we were all caught up and the customers were all happy with it too."

These students aren't simply the labor for the business. Mr. Kmosena makes sure they are knowledgeable in all aspects of the business… and there were some growing pains.
Senior Kyle Nomady says "We kinda lost our paperwork, but we got it back. That was one of our downfalls was all of the paperwork, keeping it organized."

Students are required to spend two hours in the shop daily, but students say they like to come in during their off periods or study hall to get extra work done. The hard work is paying off. One of Kmosena's former students was just hired at Point Precision in Stevens Point. This invaluable preparation for the outside world makes them WakeUp Wisconsin's Class of the Week.


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