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City Of Loyal may shut off water to homes for thousands in overdue water bills


by Brittany Earl

City Of Loyal(WAOW)--Overdue water bills in the City of Loyal could end up costing homeowners. More than 50 Loyal residents could have their water shut off due to thousands of dollars in unpaid bills.

Some Homeowners from the City Of Loyal are behind on their water bills, Loyal's Mayor Carol Lampsa says it's happens but they are usually never behind by this much.

"Every year there's always some that don't pay their bills but never to this amount so it was decided we had to do something at this point because it was affecting our water budget," said Lampsa.

Lampsa says the city is sitting on $26,000 of over due water bills. The city has already sent out more than 500 bills to 55 homeowners but Loyal resident John Barrett says the city hasn't made it easy on families either.

"I know our water bills have been going up in small amounts for the last two or three years. This could be putting a lot of pressure on people," said Barrett.

Lampsa says she knows it's not easy and times are tough. She says this is the first time the city has ever had to do this. "We don't want to shut their water off and if there house is being heated by water we will not shut that off because you can not take the heat away from them," said Lampsa.

The city is suffering too, Lampsa says the city has no choice but to turn off peoples water, their own pool of money is dwindling since no one is paying their bills.

Barrett says, "Everyone's kind of in a pinch." Lampsa says, "We would make reasonable payments with them if they wanted to start making payments or pay in full."

But Lampsa says any payment plan would have to be substantial because these bills are between $500 and $1,400. If the bills remain unpaid as of January 28th a 20 day notice will go out. Homeowners not settled with the city will have their water turned off in 8 days.

Lampsa says, "We have to do something we cant handle $26,000 that's a lot of money. Like any other business we have bills as well we have to maintain them. We know it's not easy.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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