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Man who caused standoff at the Budge Inn in April faces SWAT again in Mosinee

by Brittany Earl

MOSINEE(WAOW)--A man responsible for a standoff at the Budge Inn in Rothschild last April causes the SWAT team to get called in again.

Around 3 PM Tuesday authorities responded to a signal that Donald Welch's monitoring bracelet had been cut. Welch was court ordered to wear a tracking bracelet after police arrested him after a stand-off at the Budge Inn in Rothschild 8 months ago. Welch had barricaded himself inside the motel and used a high powered rifle to keep police at bay.

Two Mosinee police officers responded to the signal at Welch's apartment on Main Street in Mosinee. When the police knocked on Welch's door, Welch told police he was not on probation and wouldn't leave.

Victor Garza and his wife Amanda live below Welch and were watching TV Tuesday night when they could hear voices yelling outside their apartment.

"I looked outside and sure enough there was a big SWAT team right were we are standing in front of my door," said Garza.

Due to Welch's history with guns, police decided not to take any chances. They called in Marathon County's Swat Team and Oneida's armored vehicle. SWAT surrounded Welch's apartment complex.

Garza says, "I thought the place was going to get bombed or something. I thought there was a bomb threat."

Police evacuated the apartment complex around 9 PM. Residents were asked to head to Mosinee High School for safety.

"I was really freaking out because I didn't know what was going on," said Garza.

Sean McCarthy, Detective with the Marathon County's Sheriff's department, said police attempted to make contact with Welch. Police broke his glass patio door throwing in a phone. McCarthy said approximately 10:45 PM SWAT entered Welch's apartment finding him in his bedroom and arrested him.

"No situation is alike, it's a constant learning process. We learn some things last night like we always do and we take that with us for the next time we have a Mr. Welch out in the community," said McCarthy.

Police are holding Welch at the Marathon County Jail.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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