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Experts say fireworks may be to blame for massive bird deaths

by Brittany Earl

ANTIGO(WAOW)--Several theories are circling the globe as to why hundreds of birds in several states dropped from the sky since the New Year. Some experts believe fireworks caused the black birds to plunge to their deaths.

Hundreds of black birds dropped like flies around New Years Eve. Many puzzled wildlife experts and frightened residents question what caused the birds deaths, wondering whether science or biblical prophecies played a roll. Marge Gibson, Executive Director of Raptor Education in Antigo made her own theory.

"The first thing I thought of was it might have been from poison but when the second incident occurred right around New Years Eve firework displays, to me that cut down the odds," said Gibson.

The Wild Life Center in Madison relied on Gibson's more than 40 years of experience with birds to figure out what might have happened to the birds.

Gibson says," They can say what the cause of death was, it was bleeding in the brain, blood clots in the brain and what caused it is for other people to find out."

Gibson says she believes the loud percussions from the fireworks killed the birds. She says raptors have very thin skulls, the loud bang ultimately gives the bird a concussion.

"The brain is hit against the sides of the skull, something we understand like Shaken Baby Syndrome. People are unaware that sound waves can do the same thing," said Gibson.

Black birds were found dead in four different states. Gibson says it only takes a second for the brain to bleed but natural instincts kick in.

Gibson says, "If they were frightened and they're all in the tree asleep and all of a sudden this thing goes off, fireworks the brain is bouncing around. They're basic instinct is to fly."

Gibson says she see this happen a lot up in the Northwoods.

"People talk about eagles on their lawn acting like they're in a trance and we know about concussions in our own species and that is exactly what happens. They are in a trance or stunned," said Gibson.

Online Reporter: Brittany Earl

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