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Class of the Week: John Muir & Horace Mann Middle Schools


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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- In just a few days, the students at John Muir & Horace Mann Middle Schools helped raise thousands of dollars for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign.

It all started several years ago at Wausau's John Muir Middle School, with an after school group called Pay It Forward.  They wanted to help out the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign, so group members challenged fellow classmates to raise money.

This year, John Muir enlisted the other Wausau middle school, Horace Mann, to help too.  Together, they raised more than $8,000 in just ten days.

John Muir student, Angelina Yang says, "For us to raise that much money is like, "WOW!  How could we even make that much money?"

Here's how.  We'll use a 7th grade homeroom class at Horace Mann as an example.  They are the smallest class in the entire school with just 16 kids.  They went door-to-door, took money out of their own savings accounts, gave birthday money and much more.

"I think that's pretty amazing.  We have the smallest class, so I think it was probably the hardest for us and every time we raised ten dollars we got a star.  So, we tried to bring in more money every day."  Says student, Elizabeth Bauer.

In the end, this class got almost 50 stars.  They collected almost $500. 

Both schools also did their own "Red Kettle Campaign" of sorts, ringing bells outside classrooms, just 10 minutes a day.

All their work helped put the Salvation Army's holiday fundraiser over it's $160,000 goal.

Salvation Army Captain Brian Goodwill says, "It still amazes me that middle schoolers were able to do this.  To hear some of their stories; kids giving money that they got from their birthdays, kids taking money out of their savings accounts, parents matching money that kids raised themselves going door-to-door.  These are just a few of the innovative ways these youngsters were able to help us in such a generous way."

Each class was given a gold star for every ten dollars they raised.  That star symbolizes what it takes for the Salvation Army to house a family of four for one night in their shelter.  So, if a family is in the shelter for an entire year that's about $3,600.

Online Reporter: Cami Mountain

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