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Rib Lake Wood/Metal Shop Named Class of the Week

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Rib Lake (WAOW) -- Wood and metal shop students at Rib Lake High School are working on a project that could have a significant impact on wildlife in Wisconsin.
This deer trap is a part of a statewide project that will track the buck recovery and fawn mortality rate.

Rib Lake Student Phillip Shupp says "I've been doing a lot of deer hunting and I'm noticing the population has been low the last couple of years and we want to find out what's killing them."

The class was contacted by the Taylor County Sportsman's Club to help out with what will become the largest whitetail deer research project in the state's history.
According to Mike Riggle of the Sportsman's Club, "Approximately 40 bucks will be radio-collared and ear-tagged and about 40 does will be captured and ultrasounded for pregnancy."

A chip is then placed inside the does to track when they give birth, that way radio-collars can be placed on the fawns when they are born.
Riggle says this will give researchers more information on what is preying on deer.

Shop teacher William Hackbarth says this project means a lot to the students. "They were very enthused about it," he said. "They really wanted to get involved. Not only in building the trap, but in the follow-up... trapping and tagging and some of the other things that go along with it."

Students wanted to make sure they weren't delivering a faulty product, so of course they tested it out.
Two delicious snack cakes were all that were needed to draw in the test subject, and it worked like a charm.

Involvement in an important project coupled with the class having a good time in the process makes this group of Rib Lake students Class of the Week.


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